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How to maintain LED screens in autumn and winter

2020-12-18 09:57:59

Generally speaking, electronic equipment is easily broken in autumn and winter, including LED displays. As an expensive electronic product, how to maintain the LED screen during this time? In addition to regular maintenance, three areas need attention: static electricity, condensation, and low temperature.

Static electricity is one of the killers of LED displays. This will shorten the service life of the screen and damage the electronic components and the screen. Whether it is an indoor LED display or an outdoor LED display, static electricity is easily generated, bringing safety problems to the LED display. By installing a grounding wire, static electricity can be transmitted to the ground in time. When operating the screen, you must wear a wrist strap to prevent static electricity of the human body from damaging the screen.


Condensation water is another threat to LED displays, which seriously affects outdoor LED displays. Although we often waterproof outdoor LED displays, the moisture in the air will cause condensation. Water droplets will adhere to the surface of the PCB board and LED screen module. If the waterproof treatment is not good, it will damage the PCB board and the module, resulting in a reduction in the LED display's service life or even damage. The solution is to choose a screen coated with waterproof paint, such as Esdlumen's Helios series, or to apply a layer of informal paint on the screen when buying a display.


The low temperature will affect the work of the LED display. The working temperature range of the most outdoor LED display is -20℃-60℃. The low temperature will reduce each part of the semiconductor device's activity and even cause the device to fail to start. Due to the low temperature, some plastic parts will crack. Therefore, pay attention to the operating temperature of the LED display when purchasing. Do not open the LED display when the temperature is too low, and regularly check whether the screen is damaged. In extremely cold conditions, you can add a heating device to the screen.


We should pay attention to the above three points when we maintain the LED display in autumn and winter.


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