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Churches achieve online worship by using Esdlumen's LED screen

2020-04-07 10:10:38

Since Mar 2020, the coronavirus had outbroken in America. As of Mar 31, the confirmed cases of America had over 160 thousand. The government of California and Washington also took some urgent measures to ban the party event. The church and other party places had been closed and stopped the relevant events.


To cooperate with the government to ban the party events, and fight with the epidemic together, many large church events had changed the traditional form to the online live. Esdlumen also received several projects recently to rebuild the churches to realize online worship.


A church in Arizona, USA, which has a hall can accommodate over 200 people, started online live after installing 2 HD screen.


Esdlumen’s classical small-pitch series

Built with the VE 1.5


A church in North Carolina, U.S.A.


In the largest church of High port city, the beautiful mural screen can become online live screen any time


Esdlumen’s new products

Built with the Pilot 2.6


Besides the 2 projects of American churches in March, Esdlumen also has many other excellent cases for churches.


St. Andrew's Church, Singapore (Built with BIM Plus Series of Esdlumen)


Evangel Family Church, Singapore (Built with Mini Series of Esdlumen)


Daquan Church, Korea (Built with the Mini Series of Esdlumen)


YEANSIE Church, Seoul, South Korea (Built with the Mini Series of Esdlumen)


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