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The world city tour of LDE display manufacturer Esdlumen begins and first stop India

2019-12-03 14:31:40

The world city tour of LDE display manufacturer Esdlumen begins and first stop India.

Main title: Esdlumen’s world city tour begins, first stop: India!

Subtitle: Esdlumen is sticking to its core value: customer satisfaction, face-to-face service and creates a benchmark market 

The first event of Esdlumen’s world city tour “Travel across the world, deliver the best service” was held in the Royal Orchid Hotel of Bangalore, India on November 29th, 2019 (8.30 pm Beijing time). This event was the perfect opportunity to strengthen brand communication, market interaction, and to provide customers with face-to-face technical training and service support.



Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd (Esdlumen) is a professional service provider of LED display solutions. The company always adheres to independent research and development and innovation, and has a variety of high-quality products. The Wing Series has been nicknamed “King of rental” by the industry. Not to mention that Esdlumen now ranks first on the Indian market, according to customs data.



Esdlumen invited over 100 customers coming from all over India for this event. Before the opening, our clients of Bangalore expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the team of Esdlumen, and sent exquisite gift, then took photos with us. Meanwhile, they expressed their gratitude to Esdlumen for our support and trust on the Indian market, and highly affirmed its product advantages and brand services at the meeting.




Torry, Esdlumen Indian market Sales Manager, introduced the company’s brand culture and corporate strength in detail. Asia-Pacific General Manager Bill, analyzed the current status and trends of the Indian market, and introduced Esdlumen’s new indoor rental product “Pilot” series, which will further strengthen the industry status of the company as “King of rental”.





Having “the best service” is part of Esdlumen’s corporate philosophy, and this is why the company organized a special interactive Q&A session led by the experienced engineer Simon. He also provided a face-to-face teaching, point-to-point questions analysis and on-site training of LED display installation, use, maintenance and after-sales, etc.



In addition, and on behalf of the company, Bill gave “Esdlumen Certified Engineer” certificates for customers’ engineers who passed the on-site assessment, and gave the “Esdlumen Golden Service Provider” authorization plaque Esdlumen’s agent.




There is a saying in Chinese, “It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar”. Indian customers welcomed Esdlumen’s Chinese friends with dancing and singing, and the atmosphere was hot! Facing the fast-developing and highly competitive LED display industry, Esdlumen is willing to grow with customers and make progress together. The company also hopes that through this face-to-face brand service event, it will create more benchmarking markets and truly realize the corporate mission “Showing the beauty of the world”.

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