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How will LED display develop in 2019?

2019-05-11 17:33:53

The first half of 2019 is about to pass. In the first half of 2019, several industry exhibitions have passed. From the products that many companies show at these exhibitions, we can also find some trends about how the LED screen industry will develop. Then I will show some possibilities below. I hope this introduction will give you a better understanding of the LED industry.

Mini LED

Mini LED is a new highlight in the LED display industry. When the 0.9mm small-pitch LED screen gradually entered the market, it opened a new era of Mini LED displays with pixel pitches less than 1mm. With the continuous development of Mini LED technology, although the current Mini LED display is still expensive in terms of cost, the technology has gradually matured. It is expected that from the second half of 2019 to 2020, the market demand for Mini LEDs will grow rapidly.

Energy-saving LED display

During the industry exhibition that ended in the first half of 2019, many manufacturers introduced LED display products using HCC technology, which received wide attention. After using HCC technology, the screen temperature rise can be effectively controlled. Low heat consumption and low power consumption are in line with the current development trend of “energy saving and environmental protection”, and can also effectively reduce the cost of end users.

Special LED display

The traditional LED display market is very unique. However, with the development of market demand, LED display has also evolved from technology development to product structure innovation, thus creating more new LED products, such as shaped screens and transparent screens. There is no doubt that although the traditional LED display has a large market share, at the same time, the LED creative display market with advanced display technology is also expanding.

With the increasing homogenization of traditional LED displays and the relatively mature and stable product technology market conditions, companies can only obtain sufficient competitiveness by structuring the specific needs of products and improving product innovation capabilities. The field of LED screens.

LED is displayed in the subfield

First, LED displays have been developed in the traditional application industry, such as outdoor advertising and stage leasing. Products tend to be homogenized and their development potential is insufficient. In order to open up the new blue ocean market, many companies have begun to broaden the range of LED displays to meet new application needs. The emergence of new applications has facilitated the development of segmented products. Secondly, in recent years, with the emergence of the concept of “new retail”, the development of the commercial display market has been promoted, and LED display screens have formed a certain incremental market. In addition, smart cities, smart transportation, etc. continue to push small pitch and light pole screen applications. With the advent of the 5G era, LED displays will also accelerate the pace of development.

Although the LED display industry experienced a lot of embarrassment in 2018 and exposed many industry problems, it also hides new business opportunities. With the continuous development of the LED industry market, enterprises will certainly meet the challenges of the market, while enjoying the "cake" of the LED screen market. No matter which field they are, they need a more innovative and strategic business model.

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