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Esdlumen Launched Three New Products

2020-03-26 16:25:47

At the end of 2019, almost all industries were affected by the coronavirus. Most LED screen companies are still preparing to resume work, and Esdlumen focuses on both epidemic prevention and recovery. In the afternoon of March 23, Esdlumen launched 3 new products!



Due to this epidemic, Esdlumen has released our new product via live streaming. Although still inexperienced, we have perfectly completed the launch of this new online product! As we continue our activities, we will host another public online live broadcast in the form of a theme discussion, inviting many professional experts to spread our brand and products to customers with various needs.

Indoor fixed: BIM Mini



When BIM Plus and BIM Pro products appeared on the market, they were mainly praised. As a new member of the BIM series, this indoor fixed curved small pitch LED screen BIM Mini has many outstanding features:

1. Universal module: BIM Mini cabinet and BIM Plus cabinet can use different modules; different pixel pitches only need to replace the module and the receiving card or processing program;
2. Vertical bending installation: The long sides of the cabinet can be spliced ​​at any angle within 10 °;
3.Support mixed stitching with BIM Plus;
4, lightweight and lightweight: cabinet thickness is only 42mm, cabinet weight is only 23kg / ㎡;
5, die-casting at both ends, middle horizontal bar;

As the first curved screen customized for the small pitch field, BIM Mini's product position is more clear, which means that Esdlumen is better able to discover customer needs.

As an LED screen company integrating development and production, Esdlumen has always focused on how to meet customer needs and how to better serve the global market. We design and develop better new products based on feedback from end users and the problems we encountered during the project. During this online new product launch, in addition to fixed new products, indoor and outdoor rental LED screens were also released.

Outdoor Rental: Blade Series



When we install rental LED screens, it usually only takes a short time to leave us. Therefore, rental LED displays should be easy to install and maintain. The blade series meets these needs. The appearance of the Blade series has a complete sense of technology. As a rental LED screen, the Blade series also has some useful features:

1, the module supports front and rear maintenance, the power supply supports one-click maintenance;
2.Blade series products have high-precision angle lock, support straight screen, curved screen and round screen;
3. The cabinets can be automatically absorbed together, making installation easier; only one operator can quickly install the screen

Indoor rental: CW series



Compared with other indoor rental LED screens, this CW series may have many advantages. It may be the brightest screen in the field of rental LED screens. Pixel pitches P2.6, P2.9, P3.9 are now available. Let's see what features the CW series has!

1. Ultra light and thin, cabinet weight is only 6.4kg!
2. The innovative handle saves time and energy;
3. The module supports front and rear maintenance, and the power box can be quickly installed and removed;
4. Support special-shaped splicing, which can be spliced ​​into straight mesh, curved mesh, and circular mesh. Simply rotate the angle lock to quickly switch the stitching angle;

This screen may be the best choice for stage, bar, wedding, etc.

The above introduction is 3 new products launched by Esdlumen in early 2020. We believe that these 3 products can create more value for our customers!


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