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Eastar tells you how to pick LDE screens for those who lack knowledge of LED screens

2019-08-31 13:43:14

Eastar tells you how to pick LDE screens for those who lack knowledge of LED screens.With the rapid development and maturity of outdoor LED display technology, the application of outdoor LED screens has become more and more popular. This LED screen can be widely used in media, supermarkets, real estate, roads, education, hotels, schools, etc. In recent years, many displays have continued to have problems such as fast decay, low brightness, and the like. Since customers often lack some expertise on LED screens, they don't know how to choose an outdoor LED display.



Due to inclement weather, outdoor LED screens must have higher requirements than traditional displays in many respects, such as brightness, IP rating, heat dissipation, resolution and contrast. This article will detail the LED screen so that you can better understand it, which can also help you understand how to choose an outdoor LED screen.


Brightness is one of the basic features of outdoor LED screens. If the LED display is low in brightness, it is difficult to view in direct sunlight. Only when the brightness of the outdoor LED screen reaches 7000 nits can this screen be viewed clearly in the sun. Therefore, if you want to buy an outdoor LED display, you should ensure that the brightness meets the requirements.

2. IP rating
In addition to waterproofing, outdoor LED screens also need to resist ash, corrosive gases, ultraviolet light, etc. IP68 is the highest protection rate of outdoor products, allowing you to put the entire LED screen in the water.

3. Heat dissipation

The heat dissipation of the LED screen is also very important - not only the screen, but also the luminaire. If the heat dissipation capability of the lamp is weak, it will cause problems with the dead light and light decay of the lamp. Common LED displays on the market are equipped with cooling air conditioners. Although the air conditioner with the LED display can solve the problem of screen heat dissipation, installing the air conditioner can damage the screen. The installation of the air conditioner will make our display heat uneven, so the light decay of our display will be uneven, which makes the display look unclear. Another important point is that air conditioners produce water mist. Water mist attached to the board can corrode components, chips and solder joints in the display module, causing a short circuit. When choosing an outdoor LED display, be sure to pay attention to the heat dissipation effect of the lamp point.

The above are several factors to be aware of when purchasing an outdoor LED screen. I hope that you can make better decisions when you buy outdoor LED displays in the future!

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