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8K LED Display May Become a New Trend of LED Industry

2019-07-05 16:20:24

8K LED Display May Become a New Trend of LED Industry,Let's talk about the future development trend of LED display.

As the led technology developing so quickly, more and more company began to research and develop new features to improve the experience of led screen. As we all know, the resolution is one of the essential factors that influent a person whether to buy an led screen. After Sony released the 8K led screen, many other companies also begin to produce 8K led products. So will the 8K display become a new trend?



In recent years, with the demand for higher-definition display in the terminal market, the LED display industry has been continually pursuing higher-resolution technologies and products and has also promoted the popularization of display products such as 4K LEDs. In the industry market, the application of 4K LED display products and solutions have begun to spread. In some high-end market, 8K display and related technologies have gradually matured.

In some industry exhibitions, many international companies began to show their new 8K LED screen. It is indicative that 8K resolution is becoming a new trend of LED industry. As one of the world- leading LED company, Esdlumen also follow the trend. Our BIM Pro product can easily splice for 2K/4K/8K, which can provide you a better visual enjoyment.

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