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BIM Pro indoor fixed led display

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BIM Pro indoor fixed led display

BIM Pro led screen is specially designed for indoor fixed led display. Different from other similar products, the BIM Pro is lighter and slimmer. With the golden ratio of 16:9, it can provide you a better visual enjoyment. What's more, this product can support seamless splicing.

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Wholesale BIM Pro indoor fixed led display design&Suppliers,The evaluation of LED display performance must be the result of comprehensive consideration, because its related performance indicators are closely related, and brightness, viewing angle, resolution and other indicators affect each other. Currently, surface-mount LED devices are used in high-density, full-color indoor displays to improve the viewing angle and brightness performance of the display. The LED displays the image using an electronic light-emitting system to display the result of image-type conversion of the digital signal. Dedicated video card JMC-LED emerged at the historic moment, based on the use of 64-bit graphics accelerators on the PCI bus, it is unified with VGA and video functions, making video data superimposed on VGA data and perfecting the lack of compatibility.
BIM Pro indoor fixed led display Manufacturers,The resolution is collected in full-screen mode, so that the video image can achieve full-angle resolution and strengthen the resolution effect, eliminate the problem of edge blur, can zoom and move the image at any time, and can respond to different playback requirements in a timely manner. Effectively separate the red, green, and blue colors, and improve the true-color imaging effect played by the electronic display. Use the controller to control the light emission of the pixels, and promote its independence. When color video needs to be presented, the brightness and color of each pixel must be effectively controlled, and the scanning operation must be completed synchronously within a specified time. But the large LED electronic display has thousands of pixels, which increases the complexity of control and increases the difficulty of data transmission.



  1. Ultra-light and ultra-thin body. The weight of the cabinet is only 22kg/㎡; the thickness is only 40mm;


  1. 16:9 golden ratio, easily splicing for 2K/4K/8K to get a better visual enjoyment;


  1. Wireless connecting, easy to repair and install;


  1. Support the backup of both the power and the receiving card;


  1. Full front maintenance with magnetic tool;


  1. Multiple combinations of cabinet size; the cabinet can be splicing in any angle under 90°




Model BIM Pro 1.6 BIM Pro 2.6 BIM Pro 4
Pixel Pitch(mm) 1.6 2.666 4
Pixel Density(dot/m2) 390625 140625 62500
LED Type SMD1010 SMD2121 SMD2121
Module Size(mm*mm) 256*288 256*288 256*288
Cabinet Size(mm*mm*mm)

1024*288*40 / 768*288*40 / 512*288*40

Cabinet Weight(±0.25kg)

7.3 / 6.4 / 5.3

Cabinet Resolution(px*px) 640*180/480*180/320*180 384*108/288*108/192*108 256*72/192*72/128*72
Horizontal Viewing Angle(Deg) 140 140 140
Vertical Viewing Angle(Deg) 150 150 150
Gray Scale(bit) 16 16 16
Refresh Rate(Hz) 3840 3840 3840
Max Power Consumption(W/sqm) 640 640 640
Average Power Consumption(W/sqm) 256 256 256
Input Voltage(V) AC 100-240 AC 100-240 AC 100-240
Ingress Protection IP20 IP20 IP20
Working Environment Indoor




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