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What kind of LED display system should the radio and television studio choose?

2019-03-16 17:06:47

As a medium and high-end application place for broadcasting, program recording and broadcasting, the broadcasting and television studio has special requirements for the LED display of the broadcasting and broadcasting studio due to the special application scene and the special needs of the broadcasting.
On the one hand, the radio and television studio as a professional venue for recording programs needs an LED display device with outstanding display effect, stable and reliable performance, and instant signal transmission to ensure clear and smooth picture, no delay in signal, no trouble in operation, etc. On the one hand, due to limited space, the radio and television studio cannot reserve enough maintenance access. This requires a fully front-mounted and front-maintained LED display to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the product.



VE series ultra high definition small pitch screen features:

Front installation and maintenance, magnetic rear cover, convenient installation and maintenance, saving space

16:9 chassis, fully matched with HD video source, clear picture quality, delicate and realistic

No traditional signal connector, stable and reliable performance

Intelligent monitoring software, automatic detection of running status, automatic data storage, convenient for user monitoring and troubleshooting

Modular CPU processor, can automatically store and correct data after power on

2D/3D one-button intelligent switching, electromagnetic radiation reaches civil level

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