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What are the advantages of the indoor Small pixel pitch LED display?How to choose?

2019-01-15 09:17:50

             With the era of LED, China has become the world's largest industrial manufacturing production, and the domestic LED industry has unique advantages. Since the generation of Small pixel pitch LED display, the domestic indoor Small pixel pitch LED display products continue to heat up in the market.On the market right now What are the advantages of the indoor Small pixel pitch LED display?How to choose?

             Indoor Small pixel pitch LED display can meet the demand of command and control center, command and control center, radio and television studio, meteorological information center and other high-end indoor application fields with high requirements on picture quality by virtue of its seamless seam, excellent color performance, low energy consumption and other characteristics.And security monitoring, command scheduling in areas such as the dominant DLP rear projection splicing screen, as well as the rapid growth of the LCD splicing screen than indoor Small pixel pitch seamless splicing, is the advantage of LED display significant theoretical size can be enlarged unlimitedly, and flexible installation way, screen body thickness thin, save a space, high brightness, can meet the demand of half outdoor environment use, in addition, there is no high cost of replacement bulbs, low energy consumption, the late lower operational cost.



            Indoor Small pixel pitch LED display is the new "darling" of the security industry. In addition to smart locks and drones, there are more places in the security field for the indoor Small pixel pitch LED display to take root.



            For example, traffic guidance system, public security management, smart city, command room of monitoring center, etc., all need the display screen as the information broadcast platform.With the popularization of 4K concept and the implementation of h. 265 and other standards, video monitoring is developing towards high definition and has higher and higher requirements for LED displays, striving to make video content fully visible.Therefore, hd, high picture quality, low energy consumption indoor small spacing seamless splicing LED screen has become the security industry's "beloved."




           As we all know, Small pixel pitch LED display is an indoor LED display with pixel spacing of P2.5 and below. Small pixel pitch LED display is becoming more and more mature in the development of indoor high-end command and control center, scheduling center, monitoring center and other application industries.



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