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Transparent LED screen is one of the creative screens that have emerged in recent years

2019-08-24 11:07:50

Transparent LED screen is one of the creative screens that have emerged in recent years.Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, people's demand for displays is becoming more and more diverse. For some customers, traditional LED displays are no longer sufficient. Therefore, more and more creative screens have appeared in recent years. A transparent LED screen is one of them. As one of the industry's leading LED companies, Esdlumen also introduced a new transparent LED screen called Medusa.

As the name suggests, the transparent LED display is a glass-like light-transmissive LED screen. Transparency is the main feature of this screen. By the way, a transparent screen does not mean 100% transparency. It only means that the transparency of the screen is about 50%-95%, which allows people to see what's behind the screen.

Typically, the thickness of the transparent screen is approximately 10 mm. Its high transparency is related to the unique materials, construction and installation methods. The main innovation of the transparent LED screen is its light bar, which reduces the line of sight and improves transparency. So what are the functions of the transparent LED screen?



1. High performance anti-collision.

2. High transparency, about 50%-95%, this screen can guarantee the original light selection of the glass curtain wall.

3. Space saving, light weight, thickness of only 10mm, screen weight of only 15kg / m2, can be directly fixed on the glass curtain wall, will not change the structure of the building. Save a lot of installation and maintenance costs.

4. Due to its unique display effect, it creates a feeling that the image is suspended on the glass curtain wall, and performs well in advertising effects and artistic effects.

5. Low power consumption and environmental protection. Without air conditioning, it can save more than 30% of power compared to ordinary LED screens.

The above is a brief introduction to the transparent LED screen. Today, transparent LED screens are becoming more widely used. You can see transparent LED screens anywhere, such as the stage, shopping center, science museum and more. At the same time, this display technology has also increased the creativity of the advertising field.

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