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LED Video Wall market pattern how to position

2019-02-20 16:42:30

LED Video Wall market pattern how to position, now a lot of LED Video Wall, head of the company sales have to delve into product sales model, LED Video Wall is batch production channel sales, and customized according to customer's request, LED Video Wall belongs to equipment products, the use of different environmental requirement for the LED Video Wall is different, such as protective performance, brightness requirements, maintenance way and so on will directly decide the LED Video Wall of the production process.

Many people in the industry have issued such a sigh.LED Video Wall manufacturing industry industrial mass production of regular products has become unpopular, customers increasingly prefer and demand customized products.Standardisation can reduce costs, improve productivity, reduce consumption, bring more benefits, and so on.

LED Video Wall development to today, the phenomenon of serious homogenization, leading to enterprise profit compression, market competition intensified.At the same time, China's consumption structure has been constantly upgraded, and consumption habits have undergone earth-shaking changes. Traditional functional products can no longer meet the needs of local consumers.Low-end and popular LED Video Wall products have been continuously expelled from the market, and consumers' demands have shifted from functional and branding to experiential and participatory.

In other words, it means the opportunity for customization has arrived.Then, capturing customers' psychological demands and personalized solutions may be the next bottleneck breakthrough for LED Video Wall manufacturing industry.


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