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Full Color LED Display for Improved Clarity

2019-03-28 17:12:14

As the leading carrier of advertising and information broadcasting, the full color LED display is more and more follow-up trend in the contemporary era. High-definition video can often bring a more dramatic visual experience, and the content displayed will be more realistic. To achieve a high-definition display, there must be two factors. One is that the film source requires full HD, and the other is that the screen needs full HD. The full-color LED display is moving toward a higher-definition display. So, how do we make the full-color LED display more clear? Below, let's take a rough look.

Improve the contrast of full color LED display

Contrast is one of the critical factors affecting visual effects. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the more precise the image and the brighter the color. High contrast is very helpful for image sharpness, detail performance, and gray level performance.

In some text and video displays with large contrasts in black and white, high-contrast full-color LED displays to have advantages in black-and-white contrast, sharpness, and integrity. Contrast has a more significant impact on the dynamic video display. The higher the contrast, the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish such a conversion process. The contrast improvement of the full-color LED display is mainly to improve the brightness of the full-color LED display and reduce the reflectivity of the screen surface. However, the brightness is not as high as possible, too high, but it will be counterproductive, and light pollution becomes hot now. On the topic of discussion, excessive brightness will have an impact on the environment and the population. The full-color LED display LED panel and LED lighting tube are specially processed to reduce the reflectivity of the LED panel and also improve the contrast of the full-color LED display.



Improve the gray level of full color LED display

The gray level refers to the brightness level that can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest in the single primary color brightness of the full color LED display. The higher the gray level of the full color LED display, the richer the color, the more vivid the color; The display color is single, and the change is simple. The increase of the gray level can significantly increase the color depth, and the display level of the image color rises geometrically. The LED gray level control level is 14bit~16bit, which makes the image level resolution details and display effects of high-end display products reach the advanced world level. With the development of hardware technology, LED grayscale will continue to develop to higher control accuracy.

Reduce the dot pitch of full color LED display

Reducing the dot pitch of the full-color LED display can improve its sharpness. The smaller the dot pitch of the full-color LED display, the more excellent the picture display. However, this must have mature technology as the core support, and its input cost is relatively large. The price of the full-color LED display produced by the company is also high, but fortunately, the market is also developing towards small-pitch LED displays.

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