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Esdlumen’s small-pitch product BIM Pro showed in InfoComm Show

2019-06-19 13:36:12

On June 12th, InfoComm 2019, the largest professional audio and video trade show, was held at the Orlando Convention Center in Orange County, California. During the exhibition, Esdlumen (Booth 1975) presented a new small-pitch fixed product that attracted the attention of many visitors: BIM Pro.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin - BIM Pro
The newest BIM series features a pixel pitch of 1.6 (optimal indoor maintenance), weighs only 22kg / m2 and is only 40mm thick. The product is not only ultra-light, ultra-thin, wall-mounted, but also can achieve comprehensive front-end maintenance, suitable for conference rooms, monitoring centers, broadcasts, etc. During the exhibition, BIM Pro attracted many customers. 'note.

One screen for multiple uses - Mini LED TV
In addition to the BIM Pro, Esdlumen also showed another 82.5-inch mini LED TV with a pixel pitch of 0.9mm. Higher contrast and higher color reproduction make our Mini LED TVs perform better than other booths compared to traditional TV products. The product can be used as a meeting screen in conference rooms, as an advertising digital signage in retail settings, and as a private cinema in the home. It has been well received by many visitors and it has become the center of the exhibition.

Star Rental - DazzleIII
In addition to these two products, the third product of the Edslumen is also the highlight of the show: Dazzle III uses HCC technology. Its brightness reached 5000 nits. The screen can be stitched to the inner arc, outer arc and right angle. It also supports stacking, suspension, IP65 rating and corner protector functions, which makes the Dazzle series a hot sale for many years in rental marketing.

Last but not least, Esdlumen also showcases many other products, such as the VE Series, BIM Plus and Ticker series, which can be used for surveillance, broadcast, conference rooms and many other applications.

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