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Eastar becomes the sponsor of AV Awards 2019

2019-04-20 11:22:31

As the world leading LED company, Eastar becomes the sponsor of AV Awards 2019. And 2 products, VE Series and BIM Plus, are chosen to compete for the awards of "Display Technology of the Year".



Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd with over 15 years of experience in the led display industry, Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer of led displays and led screens in China and is engaged in the design, production, wholesale and retail distribution of products for the led display market.

Eastar has core strengths in product development and design, this activity is conducted by a significant organization of designers able to ensure the continual stylistic and technical innovation which has always been a distinguishing feature of the Company. 

The key factors of success which provide Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd with a distinctive identity in the world’s led display industry are represented by our brand in the led display segment, our products excellence in design, innovation and quality of our products, its coverage of the marketplace by way of a worldwide sales, distribution and customer service network, and the diverse nature of its offer in terms of clientele and target markets.

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