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Basic maintenance of LED video wall

2019-02-01 16:59:28

        With the increasing demand of the market, the requirements for the display class are higher and higher.Basic maintenance of LED video wall.In addition to the product quality system derivation in essence, the second is the optimization and innovation of technology. For users, the display of visual view has always occupied an important position, especially the indoor LED video wall screen, which has gradually become the mainstream of the market from hd display to ultra hd display.

        High-definition video screen visual impact shock effect is inevitable, of course, the content shown by the traditional video screen is more attractive, more able to meet people's pursuit of high-quality audio-visual beauty.In addition to the above two basic premises, how to make the full-color LED video wall become clearer?


        Contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual effect. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast is, the clearer and more realistic the image will be, and the brighter and brighter the color will be.High contrast for the image clarity, detail performance, gray level performance are very helpful.In some black and white text, Video display, high contrast full color LED video wall in black and white contrast, clarity, integrity and other aspects have advantages.The contrast has a greater influence on the dynamic video display effect. Because of the fast light and dark conversion in the dynamic image, the higher the contrast is, the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish the image conversion process.

        The improvement of the contrast of full-color LED video wall is mainly to improve the brightness of LED video wall and reduce the reflectance of the display surface. However, the higher the brightness is, the better it will be. If the brightness is too high, it will backfire.Special processing of full-color LED video wall and LED light emitting tube can reduce the reflectivity of LED panel and improve the contrast of full-color LED video wall.


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