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Advantages and disadvantages of small pitch LED screens and traditional LCD screens

2019-07-27 10:58:06

Advantages and disadvantages of small-pitch LED screens and traditional LCD screens.In recent years, with the development of LED display technology, small pitch LEDs have begun to appear in various industrial media. Compared with traditional LCD screens, what are the advantages and disadvantages of small-pitch LED screens and traditional screens? Let us understand from the following aspects.

Stitching seam

The first aspect is the stitching seam. If you want to splicing a larger screen, usually the LCD screen has a noticeable seam. Although LCD companies are focused on making screen borders slimmer, this problem is still unavoidable. In contrast, small-pitch LED screens can be seamlessly stitched together.

display effect

The other is the display effect. We mainly discuss this aspect from the indicators of grayscale, contrast, brightness and refresh rate. The LCD screen usually has a better display, and the brightness is reduced after a long time of use. The LED screen does a good job of grayscale, contrast and refresh rate. It also easily solves the problem of light fading by point-by-point correction.


Resolutions may be one of the most important factors that customers often pay attention to. The LCD has a higher resolution, and the 43-inch LCD screen can achieve 4K HD display. On the other hand, since the pixels of the LED display technology are composed of lamp beads, the resolution is usually lower than other technologies under the premise of cost control. Therefore, within a given size, the LED screen is more difficult to splicing to the desired resolution. However, if the LED screen is only used in the field of outdoor advertising, high resolution is not required. Customers only care about display effects and brightness.

Today, small-pitch LED screens are mainly used in the commercial field, and the screen size can be customized according to the application scene to achieve seamless splicing. This feature makes the LED screen different from other commercial display products. For the home field, LCD screens may still be the mainstream in the home sector due to the high cost of small-pitch LED screens.

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