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2019 Fire Drill of Esdlumen, Prevent Fire before It Happens

2019-06-22 10:07:25

On the afternoon of June 21, 2019, with the sudden alarm of the company office building, and the office floor was filled with yellow smoke. It means that this year's company fire drill activity was held.

After the alarm ring, under the guidance of the firefighter, all employees simulate the emergency scene, escape from the company through the safe route in an orderly manner. In just about five minutes, more than 500 people who are doing daily work on all floors of the office building are evacuated to a safe place.


After gathering at the square, the captain of the Fire Brigade explained the "Fire Safety Management Knowledge" in vivid language. Subsequently, the captain also described the use of fire extinguisher. After that, we simulated the fire scene. Under the command of firefighters, some of the employees who participated in the drills try to use fire extinguishing to put out the fire by themselves.


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Finally, the leaders of Esdlumen did a summary of the fire drill. Through this drill, our fire safety awareness was further strengthened, and their ability to respond to emergencies was also improved. Meanwhile, we also get many useful skills, such as the use of fire extinguisher and how to evacuate.

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Fire is one of the common disasters. But as long as we do some effective measures, we can prevent fire before it happens.



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