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10 details to be noted for outdoor LED displays

2019-02-21 16:28:15

10 details to be noted for outdoor LED displays

(1) Switching sequence:
A: After turning on the control computer to make it run normally, turn on the outdoor LED display;
B: Turn off the outdoor LED display first, then turn off the computer;
(2) It is found that the breakage or other damage should be replaced in time, especially the pins, screws, load-bearing beams, etc.;
(3) Regularly inspect the anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint on the surface of the solder joints of steel products and steel structures. If there is rust or peeling, spray anti-corrosive paint or apply anti-rust paste in time;



(4) The power supply should be stable and the grounding protection is good. Do not use it under harsh natural conditions, especially during strong lightning. Check the reliability of the lightning rod and grounding system regularly.
(5) Check during the rainy season to prevent water leakage;
(6) Regularly check the power supply and signal lines for skin breakage or biting;
(7) Check the product distribution system every six months;
(8) Outdoor LED displays that are exposed to outdoor environments for extended periods of time are prone to dust. It can be wiped with alcohol or dusted with a brush or a vacuum cleaner, but it cannot be wiped directly with a damp cloth;
(9) According to the large-screen automatic preset mode, the single function such as start, stop, brightness adjustment, program list, etc. are tested one by one;
(10) The outdoor LED display should be used for more than 2 hours of rest per day, and at least once a week during the rainy season. Turn on the screen at least once a month for more than 2 hours.

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