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BIM Plus Series indoor fixed LED display

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BIM Plus Series indoor fixed LED display

BIM Plus Series indoor fixed LED display

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Wholesale BIM Plus Series indoor fixed LED display Manufacturers,Use the chip to complete the data distribution and display tasks, and perform pulse output conversion on the received data. The 8-bit (8-bit) display data is converted to 12-bit PWM, and it is upgraded to 4096 (12-bit) level gray control, which realizes non-linear 256-level screen display. Grayscale, fully creating the true color visual enjoyment. With the combination of diodes and semiconductors, the production materials and manufacturing processes have been gradually upgraded, which has broken the original limitations of light and color. A large number of blue diodes and pure green light-emitting diodes have been used to increase the display brightness. It further improves the advantages of LED display screens in outdoor environments, can adapt to different display requirements, and enhance the effective value of LEDs in different environments.
BIM Plus Series indoor fixed LED display design&Suppliers,The evaluation of LED display performance must be the result of comprehensive consideration, because its related performance indicators are closely related, and brightness, viewing angle, resolution and other indicators affect each other. Currently, surface-mount LED devices are used in high-density, full-color indoor displays to improve the viewing angle and brightness performance of the display. The LED displays the image using an electronic light-emitting system to display the result of image-type conversion of the digital signal. Dedicated video card JMC-LED emerged at the historic moment, based on the use of 64-bit graphics accelerators on the PCI bus, it is unified with VGA and video functions, making video data superimposed on VGA data and perfecting the lack of compatibility. 
Description  of this BIM Plus Series indoor fixed LED display
Esdlumen BIM Plus is one of the most popular led video wall in the led display market, which is specially designed for indoor fixed display. it supports 3840Hz high refresh rate, 160 horizontal viewing angle and 90° right angle splicing, which can provide you a better visual enjoyment.

1.Ultralight, cabinet weight 6kg, ultra-thin, 42mm thickness
2.Completely front maintenance with the magnetic tools.
3. Completely installed against the wall, Save maintenance cost.
4. Multiple sizes for cabinet, the same module can be used between different cabinet.
5. Supporting the right angle, corner angle & curved screen, to make different shapes. 

Parameter  of this BIM Plus Series indoor fixed LED display



Image  of this BIM Plus Series indoor fixed LED display



Product effect of this BIM Plus Series indoor fixed LED display




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